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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

review : [eBook] I'm dreaming about...

Since I have a baby, I love to be his storyteller.
Any kinds of book, from recipe book to children book.
At the first time, he just ignored me while storytelling, now he is enthusiast to hear and see what I'm reading about.

Due to my limited space of storage, now I prefer eBook than conventional book instead.
I've downloaded many children ebooks, including this new ebook, titled :
I'm dreaming about...
From hocmaa.com

It's about cat who's dreaming and its brain activity.
Hm... Well, there's EEG which records the activity of brains. Honestly, I've just known this EEG on this eBook!

This eBook is so extra ordinary than other children eBooks I've ever read. This 17-pages ebook is so full of information about cat's brain activity while it is sleeping and illustrated so nice. It's true, the illustration is great, clear, neat and nice-colored. I love the illustration.

Also, there's more extra ordinary thing of it, there're extra pages of that nice illustration to be colored. Yay! I love it.
After finishing reading, we can print and color it. Such a lot of fun!

Good job, Dan Jackson!
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